Digitizing and Embroidery Tips


While adding a plan or logo to a golf shirt (likewise called sport shirt, polo or corporate casualwear), weaving offers an incredible expression. It adds profundity and measurement to any article of clothing and is frequently used to assign a quality maker or an upscale nation club just as assist work with naming acknowledgment for an organization, gathering or association.

Golf shirts were in a real sense intended for the green, cut with bigger chest sizes and distinctive armhole points to consider expanded arm developments during a round of golf. As of late, nonetheless, the golf shirt has moved past the fairway to easygoing business occasions and meals out. Not only for men, golf shirts are likewise cut and styled for ladies and have shown up in kids’ clothing. Weaving, a conventional decision for the flexible golf shirt, adds style and interest and is consistently a quality decision.


Left and Right Chest – The business standard is to have a logo on the left chest and personalization, for example, a worker’s or part’s name, on the correct chest. Ensure that plans are sufficiently little to fit easily in the space gave. This is particularly significant on ladies’ clothing. Standard left chest situation on medium through additional enormous shirts is 8″ down from the shoulder crease and 4″ over from focus of the 수원셔츠룸 – estimating from the focal point of the of plan. A logo on a lady’s shirt may should be diminished up to 10% to 15% in size to show fittingly in the left chest territory. The greatest width for a left chest plan on a golf shirt is around 4″. Less is normally better, in any event, for a shirt intended for men. (Know that as the logo or configuration is diminished in size, the content sizes will likewise decrease and may turn out to be too little to even consider digitizing appropriately. Re-planning the logo might be important to keep text no under 3/16″ or ¼” in stature.)

Sleeve – Adding a logo, plan or motto to one side sleeve mixes it up and interest just as giving name acknowledgment to a merchant or business. A nation club should add the name of a most loved golf club or ball to its own weaved golf shirt, for example.

Neckline – The rear of the neckline presents another occasion to add a remarkable plan or message on a golf shirt

Back – underneath the collar (burden territory) can likewise change up plan position. One thought for this territory is to stay away from plans that could be aggravating for the wearer because of sponsorship. Certain plans that require substantial support may not be prudent.


Jacquard, bird’s-eye, herringbone, rugby’s, mixed pullover, unpleasant grained arouse, 100% brushed cotton, cotton mix, fine-check provoke, peached twill, lyocell, embroidery, waffle weaves, polyester and the present miniature fiber textures – these portray textures utilized in the present golf or polo shirts. Every texture has its own qualities and must be created known to the digitizer before a plan can be fittingly digitized for the weaving cycle. Provoke, for instance, will in general cover string in its knap and requires bigger measured content or an underlay of sewing for little lettering or numbers. Likewise, remember that more slender textures may cost less, however may really cost more over the long haul because of expanded support needed for the sewout cycle. You may pay a touch more for a quality texture, yet it might set aside you cash in the sewout cycle, last more and give a cleaned appearance that keeps your clients returning.


With its dynamic tones and high sheen, the conventional decision of string for golf shirts is rayon. Remember that a cooler temperature with shading safe fade should be utilized for shirts planned with rayon string to protect its tone and sheen. Polyester might be a superior decision for shirts that will be washed in boiling water with a lot of chlorine blanch.

Not all textures are made equivalent with regards to deciding a proper fasten thickness level for your picked string, regardless of whether it’s rayon, polyester, metallic or other specific string type.