Knowing what cards to hold is only one part of playing video poker, there is another strategy the casinos don’t want you to see. If the casinos told you the whole story they wouldn’t make as much money as the do. Read more to find out what pieces are missing.

When you gamble do you get excited? Is video poker your favorite game to play? The casinos hope so, they tell you your chances are very good at winning, you have a 98.9% return, your in control of the pkv game game, what aren’t they telling you?

The Missing Statements

Video poker is an interactive emotional game, the 98.9% return is over a long period of time, not just a weekend playing 5 or 6 hours (if you can play that long). The house takes in 6 to 10 times what the pay tables give to the players. So this explains why 80% of a casinos floorspace is occupied by video games, this explains why they want you to think you can win.

If you want to blow a few bucks, experience the excitement of the glitter and bling that Vegas offers, enjoy yourself, but if you want to increase your chances of winning at video poker that I can help.