Global Domains International Customer Service – How to Judge a Work at Home Business Before You Join


Global Domains International Inc. (GDI) is based in Carlsbad, California and is lead by Michael Reed (CEO) and Alan Ezeir (President).

It is ranked 37 in Inc. Magazine and has a very good customer service system. מערכת שירות לקוחות

Reality is not everyone will be a immediate success with this company or any online business.

As with any business, not every customer can be perfectly pleased all the time.

With GDI, there are countless people earning large residual based incomes, but that did not happen just by accident.

Let’s go over a few tips that may help you select a winning online business program, so your chances of success will be almost assured.

In today’s economy, if you are looking to sell something that costs much more than $50, you better plan to do a lot of phone calling and talking with your prospects.

Yes, in our experience, $50 is where people will need a lot more reassurance when they look at a business program of this cost and they will call to verify that you are someone that can help them succeed.

If you are not so keen on calling prospects, or making a lot of phone calls to “sell” your prospect, this price point may not be best for you.

Is there some way to make sales without all this one on one followup?

Interesting enough, we have found that a program that costs $10 will convert to a “sign up” (someone joining your business) without any action on your part. The website sales page alone can do the work for you.

Then if you can set this $10 product/program up with a low cost but high converting marketing system, you could have an online business for less than $40 a month and have a good chance at finding a lot of people that can afford this monthly cost.

The other neat part of this $10 cost is while you are learning your new business and how to market online, you are not going broke with costly fees or autoships that can run well over $50/month.

Our last TIP to avoid you not be totally pleased is this:

DUPLICATION = RETENTION of Members = Growth of your business.

Global Domains International Inc. is a good example of a low priced business that with the above mentioned marketing ideas, a very responsive customer service group, result in you finally achieving success.

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