EVE Echoes finally has been launched for iOS and Android around the middle of August, players can download the game for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store. EVE Echoes ISK update will bring the addition of new features and solve existing issues in current gameplay. Here we present the latest EVE Echoes V1.5.6 update, check out the patch notes covering bugs fixes and improvements in the game, as well as features we can expect in the future.

EVE Echoes Patch Notes – EVE Echoes Update V1.5.6 

It’s been a little while since Eve Echoes launched on Android and iOS, and the first update brings a few minor changes and bug fixes to the sci-fi RPG. Here’s the big stuff:

– Missions items picked up in Encounters can now be jettisoned into space

– Donating ISK to corp wallet doesn’t require finance management permissions

– Optimised game to avoid interface jams when the game disconnects

– Visual effect adjustment of the inventory interface.