Much to the chagrin of borrowers with a bad credit, any loan is sanctioned only after the lenders conduct a thorough check on the borrower’s financial antecedents and his credit history. The borrowers with a poor credit find the process of credit check quite humiliating and they detest it because it shrinks their chances of getting a good loan offer. The idea of a loan without any credit check comforts them very much. But, it is a risky proposition for lenders, because they have to lend their money without having any background knowledge about the person’s creditworthiness. click here for more details .

No credit check loans can be of two types- secured and unsecured. Secured no credit check loans take the home or any other property owned by the borrower as the collateral.
The loan amounts in case of secured no credit check loans are proportionate to the value of the collateral. Secured no credit loans provide a large sum and have lower interest rates. The typical APR’s for a secured no credit check loan range from 8% to 20%. The repayment terms can also go up to 20 years in the case of secured no credit check loans.

The unsecured no credit check loan do not use any collateral. This type of loan does not pose any risk on the home or any other property owned by the borrower. It is also available to those who do not own any home and live as tenants. Unsecured no credit check loan appears as a risky investment for the lenders. So they charge higher rates of interest on such loans. The typical APR varies from 16% to 30% and the loan amounts are also very small, usually below £1000. Unsecured no credit check loans have to be repaid within a few weeks. The repayment of this loan coincides with the salary or paycheck dates.